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A Test Automation Platform for the Modern Enterprise

Test automation is an imperative part of modern application development. Time to market is key, Agile practices, continuous change and DevOps cannot rely on manual test practices, requiring increasing levels of automation to succeed. This presents a significant challenge for organisations, how to increase levels of automation, typically around 15-20%, to the levels required without significant organisational change and technical re-skilling.

The Axe Enterprise Test Automation Platform provides a solution to these challenges. It gives organisations a packaged automation approach, supporting Traditional, Agile, DevOps or BiModal IT practices in a consistent fashion. With a simple table based test design interface and a innovative code generation approach, it requires minimal technical input to achieve automation rates of 80% or more. Empowering your non-technical testers to participate in your automation goals.

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Axe supports automation of Mobile, Web, Desktop, SOA, ERP and Legacy applications in a consistent fashion. Through a combination of Odin's proprietary execution capability for SAP and SOA, the integration of leading Open Source tools, Selenium, Appium and White, and support for the market leading commercial QA suites from HP, IBM and Microsoft. Leverage your existing tool investment and increase productivity across the enterprise.

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